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Welcome To the World of Mining Equipment!
The world of mining equipment is very rich in old, and new equipment.

As technology progreses the major palyers in the mining world upgrade their equipment, and sell off the old. Sometimes overstocking occurs, and they sell off new equipment.

Have a look at some of the photos, in the Photo Galery, from current stock available, at some very competative prices! We cannot possibly show you all our stock, so E-mail us for a quote, or product listing.

What Is NEW?
Good question! Our stock changes hands on a daily basis. With our purchasing team scouring the market for new and used stock, our range of equipment grows in biblical proportions.

As the company is expanding, and the stock is increasing, we felt the need to invest in a place to display some of our most popular items. The grounds are a few minutes from Bapsfontein, on the road to Pretoria. See contact details for more information.

Visitors Book
We would like to hear about you, and your business. Feel free to drop us a line, or click on the "E-mail us" link to send us a message, if you are interested in our wide range of products.

Ball Mill
The picture above is of a ball mill recently bought, and along side is only one of our wide range of used, new or reconditioned electric motors
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